Pork Collection Box

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Our pork collection boxes are the most sustainable way for us to supply and you to relieve our amazing pork.

The selection is seasonal, generally skin on cuts with bone in. Great for summer bbqs and grilling, braising, marinating and sharing with friends.

Pasture-Raised Pork

The box collections

  • Small is $150 and includes pork to the value of $175+ 
  • Large is $250 and includes chicken to the value of $290+ 

Shelf Life
The packet will be freshly frozen and vacuum sealed to ensure a shelf life of 12 months from the day they are packaged. 

What to expect

Our Pork packs have a value based on the weight. Below is our example of one of our Small Box:

  • $18         mince
  • $50         roast
  • $20         cutlets or chops or medallions
  • $20         bacon
  • $20         belly
  • $20         baby back ribs

Want more than that? the large size is for you. 

Pork Collection Box