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Beef Collection Box  (highlander)

This is our 100% Grass-fed and finished highlander beef, hand cut by our expert butchers.

The box contains a variety of cuts as well as some mince and something to roast as well.

If you’d like sliders or organ meats you will need to buy these separately as they are not included in the box. 

our beef

We don't believe in grain rations for the cattle at all they are 100% grass fed + finished. we do sometimes supplement their diet depending on the weather with a certified organic vitamin lick as well as apple cider vinegar + garlic top keep their gut healthy.

dry aging

We have a dry ageing program (40 day) for our 2 grades of our beef. 

Our Vealer Beef (V) - is lighter in flavour and leaner in fat content compared with our Yearling Beef (Y) which is darker in flavour and richer.