Located less than 2 hours from Brisbane, Brooklet Springs Farm would like to welcome your staff for a unique pasture-to-plate experience where we help your team understand where their ingredients are really coming from.


Tours are approximately one hour and you’ll meet with one of the Brooklet Springs farmers who will walk you through the entire operation — including chicks incubating in the brooder, adult chickens, pigs, livestock guardian alpaccas, and more.

By the end of this tour, your staff will fully understand the difference between conventional, free range, and pasture-raised poultry, while gaining a new appreciation for the quality we adhere to at Brooklet Springs. They will also have a chance to see the animals in action, and learn about how we use chickens in a symbiotic relationship with pigs to replicate nature while providing a more vibrant ecosystem that regenerates the land we farm.

We encourage you to bring the kitchen and wait staff — valuable knowledge will be gained and allow you to fully leverage your relationship with Brooklet Springs.