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My Monday ritual - listening to the latest installment to "Meat the Ultimate Podcast". 

You know those things that you stumble upon that just inspire you to be a better person / consumer / farmer. Well this podcast has been one of them.

some good ones to get you started:

Ep. 40 : Joel Salatin / The Most Famous Farmer in the World

A good into Joel and his work, he has been a teacher of mine since the very beginning and I've literally spent weeks engulfing every single talk/YouTube clip/podcast/ that he has done - we literally practice what he preaches.... 

Ep. 34: Kim McDonnell / Thankful

Kim is probably more suited to a segment on Oprah than with the meat team. She is doing amazing things in the world and is out to make it a better place. 

Ep. 43 : Dr. Paul Mason / The Carnivore Diet & Optimal Health

Talks about personal science - things like Hashimoto's disease and what kind of blood tests are actually useful to do if you are searching for answers.

Ep. 21: Dr. Matt Montee / Unlocking Optimal Health

My saving grace over the years has been IV myers injections - something I thought I was the only one doing - this guys talks about them and loads of other useful stuff.  

enjoy georgex

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